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  • Thanks for the reply ar2rsawseen, that helps me a lot. :)bd
  • Hello again, thanks for your reply, I finally got my sample in my smartphone and runs great, but now I got a little problem, how can I load/change from an intro/menu to a submenu/gamelevel?, maybe asking to much but I don't know Lua very much, on Un…
  • OK, now I can see my app in my phone (Run Mode), so, the final step it's to make it an apk file, how can I do that?, this it's my final question, for now, thanks for all your help, :-bd .
  • Sorry I change my comment, the situation it's to compile the apk to Android 2.2, I can make it to a higher version (4.0.3) because I don't have that type of device.
  • Thanks for the reply atilim, I can build my project, but it's Android 4.0.3 and that not suit my smartphone (Android 2.3.4), if I try to make it to that version I got this error. -AndroidManifest.xml- -- String types not allowed (at 'configChanges'…
  • Thanks for the advice gorkem, but I realy want to understand how the eclipse works to compile the apk, I'm new about making games using a compiler ( I already use Unity3d to make games for Android :-) ) and I want to start to make 2D games, that's w…
  • Hello again, I already update to android 4.0.3 and now have this error: -AndroidManifest.xml - -- String types not allowed (at 'configChanges' with value 'keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenSize') -- I sincerely don't understand, What can I…
  • OK, when the android sdk finish to update the files I will make some tests, thanks for your reply, have a nice day.
  • Hi atilim, thanks for you reply, I will try that, hopes it solve my little problem, sorry to ask you this but, can you tell me if I need to do something else to make my APK, like setup the project or how to set the AndroidManifest, thanks in advance.
  • Hi hgvyas123, first I want to congratulate you for your game, I just test it and think it's very nice, good work, and second I need some of your help, could you tell me how to compile an APK from Eclipse, I'm new on this stuffs and it's some kind di…