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  • I think it depends on the type of Windows app and who is using it. So you're right, but if I need to work with files, I need to work with databases, I need to work with computer ports -I don't know how to do it in Gideros On the other hand, when …
  • the framework should at least be cross-platform, so qt or something similar i guess is still better than microsoft visual studio (or can it export to mac, e.g.?). but i have to admit i don't know any of these much, i work only with gideros. https://…
  • Hello all, We're looking to branch out and do more Windows Desktop and macOS apps & small games. How well suited is Gideros for developing for these. Of course the native languages are the best, but in the short span of a lifetime you can only …
  • Given that Gideros has a working Html export, perhaps adding the Web Monetization api would make sense to have some way to monetize our apps. Especially that adding this could be funded by Grant for the Web . I've heard about this thing in a Defold…
  • i was not able to shoot. also probably it will be more fun if enemies die easier, like 3 shots at most and jumping on them could kill them instantly. i don't insist on making it a mario-clone but they did many things right there undoubtedly. I like…
  • Gideros is not available in the microsoft store, @hgy29 I think if you add Gideros to the store, it will add popularity to the engine.
  • Guys what do you need to write here ??
  • Just tried Opera, it detected it - the game still ran ok too (Brave ads blocker blocks Gideros games). Ah, sorry, I have a warning, did not fit into the screen, had to scroll down the page
  • I have 2 ADblockers(Opera,uBlock), the game did not find any
  • https://developer-tech.com/news/2020/may/14/unreal-engine-5-demo-ps5-ray-tracing/ Nothing will change for players, but the cost of developing games will be much reduced. This update is not for players but for developers.
  • Sure, but they say on the video that no optimizations were made, I assumed no instancing. If no textures are used then you must account for colors then, at least four bytes per vertex, or if using a constant for a mesh, you still need lighting param…
  • 1 billion of triangles, so maybe 1/2 billion of vertices or more. 3 float per vertex, so 12 bytes, makes 6GB for the vertices. We can probably double it if we have one normal per vertex. Plus indices, roughly one per triangle if using triangle-strip…
  • btw, that demo in unreal engine I think has 12GB of data. It's a tech demo - not a game. In the scene a billion triangles, It will weigh 5 gigabytes, If all objects are not repeated. In the demo, there is a lot of symmetry and a lot of tile textur…
  • @SinisterSoft yes, i liked a lot the game with the cat. I just think that people who buy consoles want to play games with fancy graphics And Gideros and Unity3d in another niche - where iron is not so powerful
  • I don't want to tell you bad news, but there is no point in making games for XBOX, in gideros!
  • @vitalitymobile - Give me your email
  • I have 1 invite on **** I will give in good hands
  • Not bad
  • @SinisterSoft , this works assuming your win7pro is legit. I have an official win7, but I use an unofficial build, It works much better
  • @oleg windows 10 home should be enough, pro is if you manage a network of many computers. I do not like win10 at all, I put it just for the sake of the store ..
  • I've no idea, I have Windows 10 Pro already. If you have 10 Home then try these: https://www.howtogeek.com/292914/what-is-developer-mode-in-windows-10/ I now have Win7 pro But I'm going to buy a new computer: "Екран 27" VA (1920x1080) Full HD 144…
  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/compare-windows-10-home-vs-pro A screenshot that I posted earlier, I made from this page
  • I think Win10 Pro allows you to also run the Linux Kernel alongside the Windows Kernel, plus a few other things. I was told that on win10pro you can enable debug mode
  • Win 10 hoe is enough, and you can register as an individual I asked the wrong question. What are the benefits of game development, win10 pro? What are the advantages of registering a company?
  • Every profitable industry finally becomes so saturated that it makes no sense for newcomers to enter it. For example, even youtube did not come to that final point yet. Game development isn't nowhere near. We probably have 5-7 years at our disposa…
  • Huh? I really didn't understand that at all With so many games and apps released daily.. the market is saturated. There's no other way to see it really All those games are the same. For the market to be saturated -games must be different! I can't…
  • @oleg dude, saturated to the max Try to put dislikes to some youtube channel -and you will see that this channel will be in your recommendations ..
  • I think it's a sign that virtually nothing is profitable because the industry is over-saturated - like it has been for a long time. I do not think that the industry is oversaturated, most likely the industry was killed by search engines .. Previous…
  • Again, same as Corona, this could be good for Gideros. I think this is a sign of a crisis in the industry
  • Hi Defolder! ???? Today we have some really exciting news to share with you, something which we have been planning for quite some time: Defold is finally going open source! Today, on the 19th of May, King is announcing that the Defold game eng…