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  • Google does not check the games I already have in the store, he checks only when the game updates That's no longer true it seems, now games are removed even if they have already been in the store for months. I and @totebo had it happening recently…
  • @antix Google does not remove games, it deactivates them in those countries where the game violates the law Google does not check the games I already have in the store, he checks only when the game updates
  • @Apollo14 я 2 дні назад читав інтерв'ю. розробника 3dCoat -у нього спитали -"чому ви в 3dcoat -не зробите анімацію? цеж галузевий стандарт який є в усіх 3д редакторах" розробник відповів -ми не хочемо витрачати ресурси на функції де ми не є лідер…
  • setMix - трансформація пози від однієї анімації до іншої
  • admob:setVisible("false") or admob.removeAd()
  • http://hieroglyphe.net/gideros/Spine-Lua-V1.zip there's another Spine plugin, more fast more furious check it in the plugins list inside Gideros я думаю вони сумісні і код буде аналогічним.
  • http://hieroglyphe.net/gideros/Spine-Lua-V1.zip
  • @keszegh just click on the left of the line number ps\\ triangles are the bookmarks for a quick transition (on the toolbar, yellow pentagrams)
  • how does this debugging work? i add an arrow in a row and then run but it does not stop at the arrow as i'd expect (in general or more specifically, from zerobranestudio behaviour).
  • @gustavofraguas I have another philosophy Everyone should have a profession that he likes if people can do everything without profile specialists then experts will disappear, and the industry will cease to develop because people will be able to …
  • @Apollo14 -ти говориш про себе, а я говорю про інших людей
  • @Apollo14 Your performance will not matter if you do not have a job It's not about competition, but because demand for work is bigger than supply we now have 99.9% of programmers working on Outsourcing for other countries
  • " Does that happen in the Ukraine? our ministry of education simply does not know how to plan the need for a profession we had a period when we were trained by a lot of lawyers this has led to the loss of lawyers' income and the most intelligent…
  • but it also allows people who may be gifted and otherwise never known they could code to make something great. we do not have such people In Ukraine, higher education is available to all And the basics of programming are taught by us all at school …
  • @gustavofraguas you're wrong people have to make money for their work high competition - will reduce the incomes of programmers many programmers will be unemployed
  • Bundle export option is already available in Android Studio when we click 'Generate signed apk': але ти повинен в проекті розділити ресурси по 1- розміру екрану, 2 -платформі 3- мові , інакше AppBundle - не буде розділятись в консолі г…
  • Could it be that you have googleplay plugin enabled too ? There are three plugins in which to set up google play services: gaming, googleplay (which should no longer be used), and ads (and firebase for those who have it). All these plugins must ask …
  • Just had a try and admob compiles fine for me, even without google play enabled in gaming plugin may be the reason that i have "windows 7" ??
  • It's from google's game services (a link in the google play panel)... I have excluded gaming services in the Google console, so there's no ID
  • Somehow in the new skin i can not see the left menu, should it be like this? In the attachment i showed it. ctrl+R ctrl+mouse wheel forward
  • Is there no application id ? no and what should I write there?
  • I guess even now we can export Gideros project to Android Studio. And then from Android Studio to App Bundle. Did somebody try it already? Or some other manipulations will be needed? так не вийде, ресурси при експорті будуть не розділені
  • I guess industry is not as "overcrowded" as many people tend to state There are ancient topics on gamedev forums, back in 2012 people were complaining about "overcrowded" industry в Україні, ветеранів війни масово безкоштовно вчать програмув…
  • @hgy29 - I am using 12.0.1
  • I suppose it is specifically admob then, as it uses googleplay libs. Can you share the error it gives ? ads plugin shows error in the old version of Gideros there is no error what's the reason ?? EDIT: "ADS" does not work without a "gaming" plugin …
  • @hgy29 when I turn off "gaming", then "ads" causes an error when compiling in apk
  • @hgy29 Previously, there was such a mistake, but I could turn off the "gaming " plugin and use only the plugin "ads"
  • @Apollo14 я мабуть неправильно написав англійською, в мене немає помилки в logcat в мене показує сповіщення в консолі що в файлі apk, у мене включені "досягнення"-я думаю це десь у плагіні прописано, мені потрібно їх виключити..
  • You do all that on the google play console, not in Gideros. No, the problem is issuing an apk file, not a console this error occurs when I enable ads and gaming plugins in my console I have game services turned off !!