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  • Explain to me why function shifts values ​​?? s = gideros.class(Sprite) function s:init() self.open(1,2,3) end function s:open(x,y,z) print(x,y,z) end --=============== output: >Uploading finished. >2 3 nil
  • It should be added to giderospedia
  • You won't make money on junk apps! If your friend makes money he just finds a niche that is not occupied. PS/ Move with your parents to Ukraine, we have a good climate and cheap food.
  • aceslider? I guess yes! I've just checked it, I guess it's good. Thx! P. S. It seems to be grid-based. Maybe there's some other class to scroll just smoothly? My aceslider modification: http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/7636/my-scroll-class#…
  • @jimmyx I don't use firebase but it seems like a paid plugin - ask for @hgy29 @SinisterSoft
  • Search for examples in the Gideros directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Gideros\All Plugins\notification\examples Also look here: http://appcodingeasy.com/new_docs/index.html ** You need to compile your player with the Notifications plugin for testing.
  • stage:addEventListener(Event.APPLICATION_RESIZE,function() local orientation=application:getDeviceOrientation() application:setOrientation(orientation) end)
  • Small bug: When i press rename folder gideros does not save new name.
  • Hi guys! I need app to continue playing when user turns screen off. Can we do it somehow in Gideros? (Currently when user turns screen off, Event.APPLICATION_SUSPEND triggers and Event.APPLICATION_RESUME after turning screen on) Can we ignore tha…
  • I see this in some of the games that have low ratings (3+) or in the Family Category. The game has not been published yet and it does not have a rating
  • Is a message in the google console. And the app says 'Pending publication.'
  • I realized win7 - does not support UWP System requirements The Windows SDK has the following minimum system requirements: Supported operating systems Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app development Windows 10 version 1507 or higher: Home, Profe…
    in UWP export Comment by oleg October 6
  • I installed everything according to this instruction: UWP deployment You will need Visual Studio 2017, there is a free version (community edition): https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/ You will also need (installed whilst VS2017 is closed…
    in UWP export Comment by oleg October 6
  • I think I tried 2015 and 2017. Which one are you using ? I updated to the latest version 2017- 15.9.16
    in UWP export Comment by oleg October 6
  • @oleg the game you reported to me is really cool! It's yours? I will certainly consider developing my game. This is not my game, i just think that the game has some interesting ideas for your snake game ..
  • @tetnic Try to complete your snake game
  • It could be added to the requires plugin. The plugin can only be enabled once, and I need the user to be able to switch options in the game settings.
  • i had the memory that you can edit the android manifest file to achieve this but now i cannot find this information anywhere. I found it but i dont know how to switch this mode from lua .. android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Black.NoTitleBar.Fullscr…
  • @hgy29 - I'm not sure how to use the profiler. https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Profiling
  • See an example here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Gideros\All Plugins\ads\examples\GiderosProject Be sure to include testing mode:(So that admob doesn't ban you) ads:enableTesting()
  • 3-application ID
  • 1- client key 2 -banner key t
  • what profit ? А что это даст, не совсем понял ? гугл протестує на різних планшетах і пришле тобі 2 звіта про помилки Luac і Logcat , там треба клікнути на словоі Luac -щоб звіт розкрився.. Cool, Ill try! (no translate here xD) Cant start tests, …
  • A bit more evolved example: Is it possible to make a 3d object a button?
    in 3D Comment by oleg September 26
  • what profit ? А что это даст, не совсем понял ? гугл протестує на різних планшетах і пришле тобі 2 звіта про помилки Luac і Logcat , там треба клікнути на словоі Luac -щоб звіт розкрився..
  • а ти завантаж в бета версію і подивись "звіт перед запуском"
  • @oleg, You’ll have hard time convincing me to take another look at Unity. So sad for them I am nor a fan of minecraft, actually I never played it so I don’t know what is required actually, but it doesn’t look that complex at first sight. Just a (hu…
    in 3D Comment by oleg September 25
  • Yeah probably, I started by a 3D tutorial... anyhow I didn’t like the tool. I just think that experience in Unity will show you how much is missing in gideros to create a simple example of a minecraft game.
    in 3D Comment by oleg September 22
  • @hgy29 You need to try to do something in 3d on Unity. I did! I spent a complete day trying to figure out how do do something on unity, and couldn’t make any sense out of it. Lots of graphical tools, but I didn’t find how to code something. You st…
    in 3D Comment by oleg September 22
  • function rgb(r, g, b) return ((r*256)+g)*256+b end function Util:hex2rgb(hex) hex = hex:gsub("#","") return tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(1,2)), tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(3,4)), tonumber("0x"..hex:sub(5,6)) end