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  • Thank you, I'm looking forward to use imgui!! Is it cross platform already? Thanks for sharing!
    in Gui? Comment by pie August 2020
  • @MoKaLux your tool looks cool, and I am sure we could redevelop world creator in gideros... but I don't think it's worth to reinvent the wheel @antix they have different purposes: with this one it should be possible to quickly create tile textures…
  • I am pretty sure that you can use your textures, otherwise I agree it doesn't make sense
  • There is a google map plugin by hgy29 somewhere which is also capable to load openstreetmap. I don't think you can use google services in your app without a paid API
    in google maps Comment by pie January 2020
  • It={"Esci", "Vuoi smettere di giocare?", "Annulla", "Sì"}
  • Awesome! May I suggest to publish a gameplay video om the store?
    in Quadrix Comment by pie November 2019
  • I think it all depends on what do you plan to do. You can also keep the base class as it is and make a class that inherits stuff from that to have additional functions: function Balloon = Core.class(TextField) function Ballon:sayphrase ()... Forg…
  • @Apollo14 yes it is, but it's pretty old and some method could be no longer compatible with current gideros api (I am thinking about textfield additions). Plus it mess up with setters and getters and it makes it incompatible with Layers lib by nicke…
  • Go to gideros coding easy by @ar2rsawseen and copy lines from 571 to 601 somewhere in your project, then you can use sprite:ignoreTouches and sprite:enableTouches Here: https://github.com/ar2rsawseen/GiderosCodingEasy/blob/master/GiderosCodingEasy…
  • Thank you @oleg that's definitely worth a try!
  • How do you setup and export metadata from GIMP? Do you use layer names or there is an option I am not aware of? Thank you
  • What bothers me is the setup of the scenes: I can't think of a way to set them up quickly.. maybe with tiled but I have to think it thouroghly
  • Hi there is an "s" missing at the end of header in loadCSV function, it should be like this: function loadCSV(file) local function csvsplit(line) local t, w, l2 = {}, nil, nil while #line > 0 do w, l2 = line:match("\"([^\"]*)\"[…
  • I just tried your new game, it's pretty cool! If you want some feedback: I noticed a bit of lag on my s7 when it gains speed, and I believe that there are too many ads: I don't know if I was unlucky but everytime I died I had to wait until the end…
    in MiniGolf Runner Comment by pie May 2019
  • @gemboy100 I know it's not the same thing but the effect should be similar: did you think about using RenderTarget on the groups of vertices and rotate the resulting objects (Sprites/Bitmaps)?
  • @antix it works as it is, since it is pure lua: what's missing there is how to actually use it in a gideros game, but I feel it depends on how you would use it inside you project. I can share my experience with it, but it is one of the first things…
  • Release of AnotherMovieClip 0.7 remixed it a bit: it seems to work better in my old projects
  • @gemboy100 really interesting, thank you! did you try using gideros Path2d? http://docs.giderosmobile.com/reference/gideros/Path2D#Path2D
  • @meobeou I think that Texture.REPEAT is used to fill a Mesh, Shape or a Pixel object (which you can extend at your pleasure) with a repeated texture. To achieve the infinite scrolling I would go for 2 objects one aside of the other that scroll from …
  • hgy29 nesting Core.asyncCall inside a Timer.delayedCall of 1ms I don't get the error at all. Thank you! Unfortunately I am not able to replicate the issue in a standalone project to debug it properly: it happens only in a game I'm making. Theoretic…
  • Nevermind, found it! thanks For the records: /sdcard/Android/data/com.packname...
  • Release of AnotherMovieClip 0.6 -Rewritten amcloop without "for" loop -now it's possible to start animation from # frame -better "pause" control Like before, if you spot any bug or optimization chance, please let me know
  • Thank you, I will try it asap. For me it happens (only on certain conditions which I am not able to determine yet) inside an asyncCall that calls itself, so I think it may be the same issue
  • exactly, windows player and win32 export (console exe). Same error but no stack traceback
  • @tproper if you just need to read and write json files gideros has a native json plugin http://docs.giderosmobile.com/reference/plugin/json From the project tree on the left, right-click on Plugins and add it - keep in mind that if you need to tes…
  • Release of AnotherMovieClip 0.5. Fixed some bugs here and there and improved with "pause" control. hgy29 you were right, shame on me
  • More than their overhead I am worried by the "control" we have on them: since we can stop them only using a break or return, if they are waiting in a queue to be processed, we won't have a synchronous response - which - speaking of animations may be…
  • @antix I'm not sure, but I think that there is virtually no limit since we're using fake threads http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/comment/57637/#Comment_57637
  • @antix whoops thanks, I will fix it asap. I've seen at least another bug that needs to be fixed on setAnimation and another one in stopOnFrame.. I hope I can get my hands on it in the weekend. Many more bugs could come out as I switch a couple of e…