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  • @Apollo14 - No doubt, Particles would do the job better. My confetti effect is very simple and works well enough with only bitmaps and gtween. If my game is ready for release ever, I'll probably use Particle effects. Thank you so much for taking a…
  • FB-login works across platforms like android, iOS and web like those games like Candy Crush, doesn't it. I might be interpreting this wrong but this facebook link seems to say so. Only facebook instant isn't included yet.
  • Wow! This is a bit of a bad news. Wish it was made a bit more clearer in the documentation. I don't want to sound ungreateful since gideros is a great piece of software and guys like @hgy29 have been working on it for free but nowadays, facebook int…
  • @Apollo14 - I figured out the leak. I had referenced a bunch of bitmaps in a table, after creating them in a loop. I'm using them to create a sort of a confetti effect. Anyways, I wasn't removing the reference from the table. Feel like such an idiot…
  • background.t is an example. I've tried to give every tween its own name. Maybe I missed one? Time to go through the code again. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem.
  • @hgy29 - I ran leaky.lua and this is what I am getting in the gamelevel. "*** OBJECT SNAPSHOT message here *** SceneManager has 1 instances GTween has 6 instances *** OBJECT SNAPSHOT END **** I think Gtween is the problem as the number of instanc…
  • @Apollo14 - Thanks for the link on profiling. I am using it right now. And if I can ever find the leak, I'll definitely post about it. I'm making all objects nil before removal. @hgy29 - Using leaky.lua now. Thanks for the link.
  • @oleg Yes.I'm removing attached event listeners before removing any sprite or bitmap.
  • I'm printing the memory in a textField that I created in main.lua.
  • I'm garbage collecting at the beginning of every scene and at the beginning of every level. Still getting the leak though.