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  • @LostVGM unfortunately my website I'm working on a complete rebuild of my website, and it's not online at the moment. If you don't know yet you can refer to this, where you can find a lot of organized info: https://project-awesome.org/stetso/aweso…
  • Yep, you are right. In fact my initial vision is a series of tutorials that follows the construction of that game step-by-step covering also some brief concept about its architecture. Introducing, where possible new concepts related to the "mobil…
  • @antix thank you sincerely for your extremely valuable suggestions. I didn't know the existence of that dossier, and the style tune is great! I'll try to do my best and I'll take you all updated about the work also for help and other hints.
  • @MoKaLux yes youtube tutorials will be awesome, but I will have some troubles with the spoken part of it. @oleg yes... unfortunately you are right. I think that no one will care, and complain, about an open-source no-profit clone of some game, but…
  • Technically you are doing what is called "extension" or "category" on some languages as obj-c and swift where you add behaviors directly to an existing class without use the inheritance mechanism. You have another way to obtain the same, that is to…
  • @antix yes, but it can blur only the sprite to which the shader is applied, what I want to achieve is the blur to have effect also on the content that is under that sprite.
    in Blur effect Comment by tetnic August 4
  • Another idea for experts. Maybe the trick can be obtained using a ViewPort for the same sprites added to the stage, and applying to it the blur effect???
    in Blur effect Comment by tetnic August 2
  • I need to blur "everything" that is under a certain sprite, so to use a rendertarget I need to calculate the correct portions of all sprites on the stage and copy them into the rendertarget accordingly, but I think it will be very costly, especiall…
    in Blur effect Comment by tetnic August 2
  • And he is right! Thank you @hgy29 that's exactly what is was looking for.
  • Hi, thank you for your help. Unfortunately I need to replace parts of a target (smaller areas inside it) so changing the transform will apply it to the entire image.
  • Hi @MoKaLux, Yes the code is clear and in general it is the same thing I do. Thank you for your help Mauro
  • Ok, it is was due to a my fault when indexing the pixels inside a table. Thank you for your help.
  • Reading the sourcecode I also tried several values of "format" when loading the Texture, but nothing changed.
  • Hi all, Maybe there are few Mac users out there. Finally I have understood where the problem is: when opening files I must specify the "|D|" prefix, if not I think that the runtime tries to use another path to work with. The strange is that if I u…
  • Tried a clean install, restarted my Mac and now works!!! Thank you for your support
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • Yep
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • Had a quick try, but cannot suspend in debug on both the player and on device.
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • Thank you. Debugging from device is sufficient to me. Have you tested with Gideros Studio or ZBS?
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • I like Gideros. In my spare time I'll try to build and find the source of this issue, hoping I'll be able to do that. Thank you for your support!
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • @oleg even debugger in Gideros Studio doesn't work at all for me
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • @hgy29 so it looks like I need Windows to work with Gideros, in a more comfortable way.
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21
  • @oleg this is the output of the console on ZBS Program starting as '"/Applications/Gideros Studio/Gideros Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Gideros Player"'. Program 'Gideros Player' started in '/Users/mauropesci/Desktop/Sviluppo/Giochi/---/Sources/---' (p…
    in Debugging Comment by tetnic May 21