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  • @Apollo14 Gotta love JSON! :-)
  • @PaulR Thanks for the insight, much appreciated to be sure. That said, my suggestion for Java was merely for external tools, such as a placement editor or GUI builder, not to actually modify or create within the API itself. I believe it might be po…
  • @hgy29 Looks like its going to be Java for the Gideros community from me. That's the only way I can ensure things will work across the board. Any objections or issues that might present?
  • @hgy29 but what about other platforms ? This is why I indicated I may not be able to help at all, outside of LUA itself. I have spent quite a bit of time already looking into this between my own work. In fact, I had simple image placement running…
  • Hello all, I just joined the community yesterday, I made a post in the intro forum for which many of you replied and I appreciate that. If you want to know more about me, please jump over to that introduction post. I am definitely glad to be here, …
  • Hi folks, Playing catch up today - hopefully, I can address everyone and certainly thank you for such a warm welcome into this community. I went straight to figuring out how I could control LUA in some form of object orientation. By the way, thank…
  • @keszegh Thanks so much for that information, I appreciate it all. Ill be sure to chime in on that discussion, this API surely needs a GUI implementation. I think its paramount these days, because you have so many people jumping back and forth betw…
  • WoW! You guys rock, I swear I dont think I ever got forum responses so fast!! Fantastic!