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  • it's a design decision, gideros way and your preferred way have both advantages. this was raised many times earlier. i don't know if adding full folders is possible though, that would be useful even with current way. Yeah I can deal with not having …
  • @SinisterSoft Well, its a matter of getting some solid information then. If I can access the Gideros API with the plugin system in C++ then I can see it being feasible. Otherwise it'll be quite a road ahead ahha. Hopefully somebody here can lead …
  • No, what you do is test it on a new build and if all works ok (with both) then merge it in with the main version of gideros. They'd still have to download my modified version of Gideros, no? Much easier to install a few dlls via plugin.
  • I think Gideros was originally designed so the scripting language could be 'swapped' out with another. You could possibly add Wren so that it could co-exist with Lua. I think that would be the best solution. Of course! It doesn't really matter to…
  • if it's something to help http://giderosmobile.com/DevCenter/index.php/Gideros_plugins A plugin sounds like a good modular idea. Now, from what I have looked it still poses a few questions. 1. How does a plugin initialize? From one of the forum thr…
  • can I ask why do you want this? and why wren? ( i've never heard about it before) 1. It would make an interesting project for myself for experience in working with an open source product. 2. Wren is a language I have recently discovered and it is c…