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  • @SinisterSoft It is interesting that today I saw a thread in lua mail list about the comparison between LuaJIT and llvm-lua. It seems that llvm-lua still have its advantages (although not in speed). I remember that I have seen another thread, in whi…
  • @atilim Besides LuaJIT, there is another candidate to improve the lua performance, llvm-lua. It does AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compiling and supports more platforms/architectures (X86, ARM, PPC) than LuaJIT. AFAIK, rubyMotion use LLVM to compile ruby to m…
  • LuaJIT 2.0.0 was officially released last November. How is the integration into Gideros? Can't wait to try it! )
  • @BlastByte Right, start the timer outside the callback could work. What I dont understand is why it does not work inside the callback. stop and restart a timer itself inside the callback sounds logical for me : ) Anyway, thanks!
  • @bowerandy I would like to know where hotwax can find the image files in Gideros project? I tried this code: image = UIImage:imageNamed("test.png") but it always returns nil Thanks!
  • @BlastByte My code looks like this: After the timer counts 10 timers with an interval of 1 second, the code stops counting and do some processing jobs The problem happens when the next timer:start() starts the timer, but the timer runs twice fast…
  • Thanks a lot! They are very helpful