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  • Can confirm running into the same problem. In my case runs fine on local player as well as on Android mobile phone player. Same code consistently crashes on a certain font creation when running on player of Android tablet. Looking for workarounds. …
  • What you're planning to achieve in future with these components? "The path is wiser than the person traveling it" Seriously, I have no idea. Found some free time to play with Gideros and needed some missing building blocks. There are other compo…
  • @amnon, i guess you know about the Layout GUI class for gideros (Even though at the end i stopped using it as the syntax of it is very alien to me). I glanced at it but sometimes (and usually for simple things) the trouble of creating something new …
  • @amnon looking good. It would b e better if each button had its own callback @antix You're right of course, I'm on it...
  • Had the same issue when loading a few TTFonts. Invoking collectgarbage("collect") every few TTFont.new seems to solve it. Not elegant, but works.
  • I've just started developing some basic components that I needed for Gideros (such as non-bitmap rounded buttons and button grid). Very simple and intuitive to use and targeted for cases where other tools are overkill. Check out the project and dem…