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  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    edited April 2012
    I'd use MovieClip.
    First you need to export all images as separate files, then if you want you can use texture packer to pack them, or define animation manually from multiple files. and you can do animation by yourself as in Gideros TexturePack example or use MovieClip.

  • I dont know how to use MovieClip in Gideros :)
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    mert - did you search on the forum? Searching first and reading a lot will help you to the limits :)
  • I thought noone can ask this easy questions like me :)
  • evsevs Member

    Here's an example using the same animation (project with images attached)
    -- MovieClip animation - evs
    local imageWidth, imageHeight = 300, 400
    local frames = {} -- table for the frames
    -- set up MovieClip table from pngs 01 to 34
    for i = 1, 34 do
    	frames[i] = {i, i, Bitmap.new(Texture.new(string.format("%02d.png", i)))}
    local clip = MovieClip.new(frames) -- create clip and start
    clip:setGotoAction(34, 1) -- set clip to loop back to start (1) at end (34)
    clip:setPosition(application:getDeviceWidth() / 2 - imageWidth / 2 , 
    			 application:getDeviceHeight() / 2 - imageHeight / 2) -- center
    stage:addChild(clip) -- show it
  • Alternatively wait until the render to texture feature is completed (thanks again @Atilim your a star! :) ) and you have a movie playback function that actually decrypted an animated gif on the fly.

    Alternatively you could implement your own movie player as a native plugin.
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