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Is Gideros for beginners?

mejonmejon Member
edited June 2015 in General questions
Hi, I'm pretty new to app development (with very little experience with Corona SDK), and I was wondering if Gideros is easy to learn for beginners? Also how long would it take to learn for beginners?


  • Yes it is.
    if you have some programming background (like me) about one month.
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    In my opinion Gideros has one of the simplest and cleanest API: you just need a few lines of lua code to actually 'see' your app beginning to run. With such a fast feedback, beginners can learn and evolve rapidly. Its pretty much like learning 'BASIC' language.

    It may even be simpler to learn for beginner than for more experienced programmers since lua is so permissive that it can mislead those coming from strongly typed languages (C, Java, etc). Has seen on the forum, there are few common pitfalls, mostly regarding lua language or platforms restrictions more than Gideros itself:
    - the difference between (.) and (:) call syntax on table functions
    - number/string conversion (or lack of automatic one)
    - size of textures and memory usage (platform limit)

    With the help of examples, you can get into the matter of actually coding yourself in less than one hour. Thats what I liked with Gideros.

    I tried Unity before Gideros and couldn't understand how to actually code some behavior even after 5 hours of learning/following tutorials. I guess unity is more a tool for graphists than programmers, but at some point every game/app need a little coding so I believe it is better if it is exposed to the user right from the start.

    Just my opinion :)
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  • mejonmejon Member
    thanks for the answers
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