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Tiny Neo - Agility Training

Hello everybody!

I just released my first game ever. I've been developing for many years but this is the first time I created a game. I started to code it using C*r*na but the PRO licenses are too expensive for the moment... So I found Gideros and I'm delighted... It is almost as easy as C*r*na but the price, community, IDE and openness is way better... I just love it! The only missing piece for me is that it only support Android and iOS... it would be great to be able to export the game to HTML5, Windows and Mac.

LUA has been so easy to learn that I was able to complete the game in just about one week! (from inception till release). The game is just a tribute to our dog Neo, it is a simple but addictive game. I hope you like it!

You can install it for Android (iOS is in review process yet) at http://TinyNeo.com

Please tell me your thoughts!
Gideros Game: Tiny Neo --> http://tinyneo.com

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