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app : play together

yvz5yvz5 Member
edited February 2013 in General questions
hey all. I have seen some apps like this and i was wondering if its possible to do it in gideos. the goal is broadcast the music ( for example piano) that you play on your phone. with lua socket its possible to make connections but how about recording (or just sending the music data that is being played by the user) ?


  • It probably is possible, but would require the use of some custom written plugins.
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  • plugins require a lot of work. i would prefer to do it in native java code. its more clear. but do you have any tutorials ? i cant seem to find any tutorials about MediaRouter, MediaSyncEvent, RemoteControlClient.
  • @yvz5 plugins in Android case are native java code. You basically call Java methods from lua, and thats it, thats the easy part, I could help you with that.

    But how to perform it in Java is something completely different, you'd need to look for that on android related resources :)

  • thnx for the offer but if i find the detailed information about these methods i could write a plugin or just do it in eclipse. i think im gonna borrow a book from my universities library if there is any android books.

    if i manage to do it, i ll share it here.

    thnx for your interest
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