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DarkPixel here! Glad to be here! - Gideros Forum

DarkPixel here! Glad to be here!

DarkPixelDarkPixel Member
edited August 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hey guys, I am DarkPixel from Greece, Athens.I found Gideros yesterday, by searching for an android game engine. Previously I have used Monkey mostly, and other non gaming related languages/IDEs like Delphi, C#, VB.net and Basic4Android. For creating games I have also used Construct, which is now my 2nd favorite, after finding Gideros!

Well, I really like Gideros, I see it is just great for what I want to do. Create games. Although, it would be better if you guys had step by step tutorials, since I don't know how to make the simplest things now, even though I have been coding for years using other languages.

Well, I hope I learn many new stuff here, and even contribute to the Gideros community!


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