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.GApp file grows each time you export as HTML - Gideros Forum

.GApp file grows each time you export as HTML

Each time you export to the same folder your exported .GApp file grows each time. It is as if it doesn't delete the file before exporting project. I started off with 25Meg and before day was over, it was over 600M.


  • what is .GApp? Is it for mac, html? :|
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  • JohnJohn Member
    I've figured out why it does it. If you export inside the current project folder. Next time you export you include the previous export folder and it accumulates each time. If you export it outside the project it works perfectly. Not sure what the extension .GApp is - probably the assets of the project given it the largest file. I am on the MAC.

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    The GApp file is a bundle of all your exported assets and code. It is used with Html export, and also have its own standalone export. GApp files can be 'played' by desktop players too by running the player with the GApp file as first argument:
    GiderosStudio.exe MyApp.GApp
    Back to the OP, avoid exporting in your project folder generally speaking, since the exporter code will create and delete files and folder in the export directory, it could erase your assets.
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