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Any update on the roadmap for a UI plugin (native or not)? — Gideros Forum

Any update on the roadmap for a UI plugin (native or not)?

Unknown Member
edited November 2016 in Roadmap
Hi everyone,

Gideros shines with simplicity, performance, the multiple targets and particularly the player. But many here in the forum are asking for some form of UI library and widgets.

Widget Candy delivers widgets for Gideros, but they do not look very modern or follow current design guidelines (android material design anyone?).

Gideros Labs has a native UI project, but the last entry seems to be from 2014 and in spite of Gideros having turned Open Source, it talks about a premium account.

Can someone give me an update on the status here? I am about to embark on the development of a business application, which is not heavy on UI, but still would need the usual (list views, tabs, text boxes, menus etc).




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